My mom, Louisa, and me

I am the granddaughter of a Sicilian immigrant.  In 1917, my great grandmother, Luigina Volpe, made the long and difficult journey from Sicily to Ellis Island with hopes for a better life.  She was only twenty four years old when she traveled with her two young children Salvatore and Croce to America.  Croce was my grandmother. 

One hundred years later, I sit here able to share my story.  I grew up in Connecticut with my father, mother, brother, sister and our cat Percy.  We spent much family time at the beaches in Rhode Island (where my dad was born) and in New York City (where my mom was born).  I was the first woman in our family to graduate from college.  I have also been able to travel all over the world, including to Ethiopia where my youngest daughter was born. 


I write stories that provide windows to our world, a world that I love so much. I am passionate about supporting education for girls and also the need for clean water in places like rural Ethiopia. 


I have been afforded many privileges in my life because of the courage and sacrifice of my great grandmother Luigina.  I wish I could have met her.  

The Patria was the ship that brought Luigina and her children from Sicily to New York.
My graduation

Visiting family in Ethiopia

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