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'Fiction is the great lie that tells us the truth about how the world lives.
Dorothy Allison

Awards and recognition 

Core Collection: Picture-Book Refugee and Immigration Stories, 2017

Guide Book to Gift Books, 2016 Picture Books

Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People, 2015 Biography

Premier’s Reading Challenge in South Australia


Goodreads review

'This is a sweet story about a purple pail's journey around the world. At the beginning, a little girl in the U.S. loses her pail in the ocean. The pail travels across oceans to children in countries around the world where it is used for carrying clams, fruit, candles, honeycomb, chocolate and more before it finally washes up on the original beach where it was lost.......This is a beautiful story about the ways we are all connected.  I love how it all comes full circle in the end....

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